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Thai Tattoo, Bamboo Tattoo, Sak Yant Tattoo, Hand Poked Tattoo masters, some have spent time in temples such as Wat Bang Phra to gain the knowledge of Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Designs. Wat Bang Phra being the most famous. Most people think that the blessing on the tattoo should be done by a monk and therefore Sak Yant and Buddhism are one and the same. In fact they are two separate subjects. Sak Yant Thai Tattoo became entwined with Buddhism over the millenniums until it evolved to what it is today. Most masters have not been a monk. The knowledge is past down from master to disciples or from father to son.

Master Ajarn Ohr will be travelling to London UK and Las Vegas USA

and will be doing magical Thai tattoo style designs

London UK from September 6th to the 11th at Happy Sailor Tattoo Studio

Las Vegas from December 1st to the 15th

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The 3 Sak Yant Masters above are the top masters I have seen to date. Their Thai Tattoo art is the best Thailand has to offer. They have all been trained in the art of Magical Sak Yant Thai tattoo. As you can see from the above pictures they are very professional and clean. There Sam Nak’s / tattoo studios are cleaned daily and as you can see they spend a lot of time and effort to make them look good. They use new needles every time and genuine ink from USA. As you can see from the condition of their Sam Naks they don’t have to cut corners and use copy ink, like most places. Between all our masters and our Bangkok studio and school we do over 5,000 tattoos a year and have no problems. Our masters do hand poked tattooing with medical grade stainless steel rods and disposable needles. So they are changed every time with new needles which make the hole process hygienic.

Angelina Jolie loves Thai Tattoo by Master Ajarn Noo Kanpai

Sak Yant Meanings and History

Centuries old, the art of Thai Tattoo, Bamboo Tattoo, Sak Yant Tattoo, Hand Poked Tattoo was all but unknown in the western world until a few years ago. Sak Yant has a mysterious appeal to westerners and it already has a huge following worldwide. Thanks to Anjelina Jolie, the Hollywood actress who visited our Master, Ajarn Noo Ganpai in 2005 to receive her first Yant. If you research her life, you will see that she is a shining example to other human beings. She has adopted several children from war torn countries and she is an Ambassador for the United Nations. She did return to Ajarn Noo later and received a tiger on her lower back. A few years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer so she opted for a double mastectomy. It did not hinder her in her life and she showed incredible strength helping other women to realize that you can recover from something as drastic as that. She is convinced of the power of Sak Yant and is planning to return at least one more time.

Muay Thai Tattoo designs have also played a major role in taking Sak Yant to the eyes of the world as many Muay Thai fighters bear protective Yants on their bodies.


Here is a few Testimonials about Thai Tattoo, Bamboo Tattoo, Sak Yant Tattoo, Hand Poked Tattoo from our clients

Thai Tattoo, Bamboo Tattoo, Sak Yant Tattoo, Hand Poked TattooAjarn, I wanted to firstly thank you both for making my experience getting a sak yant thai tattoo by the sak yant master himself one of the most memorable experiences in my life! Being my first tattoo I wanted it to be special and I have reached success finding the unique and meaningful
piece I was looking for. The Tattoo is amazing but I have to say the company and the hospitality was even better, Bangkok-ink have made the sak yant thai tattoowhole experience flow so smoothly from the emails, pickup and drop off and re translation the experience would have been the same without you so thank you very much!



Lersi, Ruesi, Shamans, Hermit sages originated in the forests of India and Nepal many thousands of years ago. Also Known as village medicine men who practiced healing using natural plants, roots and herbs gathered from the forest. In order to develop themselves spiritually, they had to become detached from the villagers and so they spent many years deep in the forest, which led to them being called Hermits. This gave them the freedom to practice their art.

massage-12Read more about magical Ruesi’sruesi-1

The Ruesi master on the left only practices massage of the muscles and bone joints with magical oils which go deep in to the body. I fractured my skull, burst both ear drums, both my eyeball sockets, collar bone, my ribs, my toes and puncher my lungs, and died 3 times in I.C.U ward. I checked out from the hospital in 8 days and needed some serious help to keep me going. I had a business to operate. I was informed of Ajarn Morsamarn could help me and he really help me through this,

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Wai Kru ceremony at Bangkok Ink performed by the highly respected Ruesi Monk Ajarn Bpom, Sak Yant tattoo master. A private Wai Kru ceremony. The proceedings began in the morning. We arrived at the temple at 5.30 am to get Ajarn Bpom, but he could not go outside until day break. For 3 months a year the monks cannot be out of the temple
in darkness. As the sun began to rise we could leave the temple. After a quick journey at that time in the morning without Bangkok traffic we arrived at the Bangkok Ink studio.

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Thai Tattoo, Bamboo Tattoo, Sak Yant Tattoo, Hand Poked Tattoo: A personal experience, having lived in Thailand for many years, I have encountered Sak Yant tattoos on numerous occasions. I have lived among Thai people and this revealed that most Thai men become monks for at least one month, perhaps longer and it is during this time that they are introduced to Sak Yant Thai Tattoo. Indeed many of these newly ordained monks become Sak Yant disciples while staying in the temple. Muay Thai is a sport that intrigued me as it is a Thai national sport. Almost all the Thai boxers, especially in the South of Thailand, have Yant tattoos on their body for either protection or good luck. Endurance is also an attribute that the Yant is designed to strengthen. I would say that Sak Yant is firmly embedded in Thai culture at all levels, women especially are turning more and more to Sak Yant as a way to improve different areas of their lives.

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sak_yant_tattoo3Thai Tattoo Designs and Meaningssak_yant_41

There are many various shapes of Yantras. A circular or round Yant indicates the face of Lord Buddha. This originates from Brahmism. A four sided or square Yant signifies the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water. A three sided or triangular Yant sak_yant_tattoo6means Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. Some Sak Yant Thai Tattoo represent various mythical figures and animal types. There are many different Sak Yant Thai Tattoo, each with its own special powers. Yants were (and still are) inscribed upon cloth, the walls of homes and even shirts that give the wearer special protection. The Ong Phra (Buddha’s body) (องค์พระ) is a symbol of Lord Buddha and is seen frequently in Yantras. 

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Gao Yord, 9 Top Magical Spell’s

 Hah Taew 5 lines one of the most popular Sak Yant Thai Tattoo  

Paed Tidt  8 Directional Yant

We are going to ask our 3 top master what they think the meaning of Sak Yant designs should translate to. In the past we have looked at the internet and spoke to many people about what they mean. We have also looked in to Buddhism in India and somehow try to explain this mystical knowledge and join it together, which I think most sites have done. What I have found is that it has many times  been taken and miss interpenetration of what Sak Yant meanings are. To start with I have posted the meaning of Hah Taew, 5 lines and I know there is many dithe-meaning-of-a-hah-taew_clip_image002fferent interpenetration due to the fact each master has his own own Hah Taew. In the next year I will be posting a description of the most popular Yants and will not be including Indian knowledge or history. Why because Thailand masters have made all this there own and become separate. Now everybody looks to Thailand as the leading area of this knowledge, India, Cambodia, Laos, Burma,  China, just about all Asian countries. So lets keep it separate and let the masters tell us. I will ask them to answer questions on designs. So if you want to know about a design let me know at martin@bangkok-ink.com

Thai Amulets

Amulets and many other items are made by Monks and Sak Yant masters for good luck . If you are interested in buying amulets then go to this site which will give you information, origin and date of amulets.