Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Master Ajarn Ohr


Ajarn Ohr is one of the most famous Sak Yant masters in Asia. His magic is considered to be very powerful. His tattoo studio is very large and probably the largest in Thailand as you can see from the pictures below. He also has a convenience store built there with two car parks. Very beautiful and interesting place.

main entrance
gardens in the middle with the two Sam Naks in the background
Ajarn Ohr's convenience stor
main studio where Thai people come and get tattooed and blessed
Picture hang on the wall of his master before him.
They put the pictures up to show respect to their former Ajarn's which means teacher in Thai.
on the roof string done in a design of spiders web. The string is important in Sak Yant. It is used to join everyone together when doing a mass blessing.
a very large shell from a turtle which died from natural causes. Animals are respected in the Sak Yant world and this shell is decorated in mother of pearl shell. Very beautiful.