Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Master Ajarn Ohr


Ajarn Ohr is one of best Sak Yant Thai Bamboo tattooist we have seen to date and we have seen nearly all the Sak Yant masters who work in Thailand. You will get tattooed in his private Sam Nak. (tattoo studio) by him. Ajarn Ohr has four disciples and only Wat Bang Phra has more. Two of them work in Bangkok Ink tattoo studio on one week rotors.

Ajarn Ohr
Ajarn Ohr Public Sam Nak
Offering being made to Ajarn Ohr
Ajarn Ohr wife supports our client to make her comfortable
Ajarn Ohr starts the blessing to activate the magic on the tattoo
5 line diamond umbrella, Chut Pet for protection and empowerment
5 Line Hah Taew
Ajarn Ohr giving one of his personal amulet for good luck
5 Line Hah Taew
Personal picture with Ajarn Ohr
Ajarn Ohr giving one of his personal amulets for good luck
Sing Yant, Thai mythical creature