Hit the gong 3 times for good luck
Using guide lines to do the tattoo.
Bamboo Tattoos by Ajarn Bpom, Start of a Goa Yord
Bamboo style hand poked stick with hygienic stainless steel rod and made with new needles every tattoo, perfect lines
Another happy customer
Stencil of tigers and ready to go
tart of twin tigers with some free hand for text
Ever seen a monk with woolly hat or for that matter any tattooist.
Blessing and activation of tattoo. Casting the white magic on to the finished tattoo
The Tigers are very powerful and believed to empower the wearer with the same powers
Gold leaf is put on to the tattoo to enrich the magic and your life.
Very big and beautiful
At the end you can have a picture with Ajarn Bpom