He loves to do his best work
Hah Taew that I had promissed myself for a long time
5 Line Hah Taew and Tiger done like the one Angelina Jolie's
Offering to Ajarn Bpom
Ajarn Bpom will tattoo women. He will wear gloves or have a cloth between his hand so there is no skin contact. Which is the rule for a monk.
5 Line Hah Taew
Most temples are built next to a river
The monks stock the river with catfish and many people visiting the temple feed them for good luck. It becomes a total feeding frenzy
You can design your own Sak Yant
Personal picture with Ajarn Bpom
Amazing tattoos
Some Sak Yants can go below the waist
Nice leg tattoo
Small delicate tattoos
He welcomes many people
His Tigers are very good