Sak Yant Magical Thai Tattoo Bangkok

Wai Kru ceremony at Bangkok Ink performed by the famous Ruesi Monk Ajarn Bpom, Sak Yant tattoo master

A private Wai Kru ceremony. The proceedings began in the morning.


We arrived at the temple at 5.30 am but he could not go outside until day break. For 3 months a year the monks cannot be out of the temple in darkness. As the sun began to rise we could leave the temple. After a quick journey at that time in the morning without Bangkok traffic we arrived at the Bangkok Ink tattoo studio.The reason for the Wai Kru ceremony at our studio was to activate our Ruesi (Sharman / Hermit) and Ruesi masks and also to clear the studio of any negative influence and bring good luck to us and my family who live here. We also got both of the cars done. Thai’s think of this as insurance against accidents and safe travelling to anybody in the cars. First class insurance. This can only be done by Monks or a Ruesi. In Ajarn Bpom we got both, Paeng was so happy and felt so good about this, I did as well and so did everybody else there. This studio and house has been so good to us and we want it to carry on that way. The last studio / house was so negative and we had a lot of bad luck at that place. I did not have true Sak Yant tattoos only copies at the time, many things went wrong even to the extent I had a motor bike accident and died three times. After that I got a real Sak Yant tattoos with the white magic and moved out of that house. Since then everything has gone my why for me and my family. I am a great believer in this, a bad house or building will bring you bad luck and there is nothing you can do about it but move. I had a Hah Taew 5 lines on my left inner forearm and you can read about this on this website. The first row prevents unjust punishment and leans in your favor when the area is grey, cleans out unwanted spirits and protects the place you live in. I had a lot of court actions pending, a divorce, and theft of money from my account, land I had bought but not in my name. I lost my children in my first divorce and did not want that to happen again in my second divorce. Many people told me I was wasting my time and money by going through courts in Thailand, even a Thai lawyer told me I cannot win all. After I had the Hah Taew by Ajarn Bpom I went ahead and so fore I have won back my land and sold it. Went to court and successfully got a warrant for the arrest of the person who conned the bank to give them money from my account. Also won a court case to keep my beautiful children with me. I have court papers and no one can take them from me. There is still one more case outstanding and that is about a 50% stake I had in a business that someone is trying to cheat me out of. At this stage it is looking very good. Gone from a civil case which would have taken many years. Now the judge has turned it into a criminal charge and is going very fast and the person is facing prison if he doesn’t pay up. This is the power of Sak Yant, don’t think if you get a tattoo everything is going to be ok. You have to live by the rules and live life that way. It’s very easy, just be nice to other people and yourself.

Back to the Wai Kru. The offering consist of fruit, drink, alcohol, cigarette’s, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, fresh water fish etc.

The food is placed in front of the Ruesi and the Ruesi masks, then we burn incense and stick the them in to the food. This allows the Ruesi spirits to accept the offering. Everybody there takes part in this. In some of the pictures you can see all the incense in the food.

Now the ceremony can begin.

Ajarn Bpom blesses the water to make it magical water. On the left he spreads flower petals on the offerings for the Ruesi spirits and then around the room where we all sit.

Now he is doing a blessing of the nam in Thai which is water, magical water or holy water as known in the western world.


He inscribes a yant of the magical sacred Sak Yant script, known as kata / sand scrit writtings. He uses blessed calk powder mixed with water to a paste that he can write on all objects the sacred symbles.

He chants the magical words. Now the mask is ready. Unaalome or spelt sometimes as Unalome is drawn on my forehead. It is regaurded as one of the most powerful symbols. There is a short explanation on the following link. Now he casts the white magic on me for protection and good luck and he does the same for Paeng. Waf goes next. After the casting of magic, Ajarn Bpom the monk then gives a blessing.