Ajarn Bpom is one of the best Sak Yant Bamboo tattooist we have seen to date and we have seen nearly all the Sak Yant masters who work in Thailand. Ajarn Bpom has been a Monk and Sak Yant master for 18 years. He resides in one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. There is over 100 monks at the temple who work very hard to build and keep it at an high standard. There is a large school on the temple grounds for the local children. It’s a very active temple and your donations will help to keep it running.

Main hall of the temple grounds where Ajarn Bpom lives
inside the great hall
Buddha under the tree of life
Yant Sing
Yant Pead Tidt
Phra Rahu
Yant Hah Taew
This one is known as a 5 line umberella Sak Yant, large cover for protection and good luck
Ajarn Bpom doing a blessing
Ajarn Bpom Sak Yant master can do all Sak Yant designs
Ajarn Bpom receiving the donation / gift
Many temples are built next to rivers for food and transport from days gone bye.
Today the fish are given food for good luck.